Greek Handmade Ceramics

Helen’s and Emmanuel’s Dedeletakis business provides a great variety of museum replicas and pottery inspired of the Greek glory of Minoan civilization and mythology: amphoras, rhyta (pots), statues, vases, mugs, jugs, relief representations, as well Greek facades of buildings of traditional, neoclassical and island architecture.

Ceramic art
Minoans developed ceramic art to a great degree, using a really fast lathe in order to reproduce pots, idols etc. made of clay in various forms. They used to decorate them with complex curvilinear figures, using their own imagination or borrowing img of the animal and vegetal kingdom. Most of Minoan idols are made of clay and depict women, but men and animal idols have also been found. “Rhyta” are the most remarkable Minoan pots, used in rituals, some of them with an animal’s shape, usually the head of holy Taurus.
History from the viewpoint of today
The history of Minoan civilization (3.000 B.C. - 1.450 B.C) is created with the help of ceramic art. In the Bronze Age, we recognize the most important civilization of Greek area, the Minoan civilization and we observe its amazing progress. Minoan people were really intelligent and they were very talented at arts, architecture and sciences. All these features are certified by significant finds of this era that are kept in Greek museums.

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